1 lb Pork Pie


A guaranteed crowd-pleaser.; Our pork pies are all encased in scrumptious crust pastry. Made especially for us by our experts in the midlands. Perfect for a snack, picnic or buffet.

Butchers Tip

This is a must If you are going for a picnic or entertaining friends. Perfect with a glass of wine or two!!

Other Tip

If you are yet to visit the Watlington High Street, it is a must. We have a Butchers, Deli, Cafe, Bakers, Chocolate shop, Greengrocers, Home Stores, Hairdressers, Light shop a Co-Op and much more. It is well worth a visit.

Please Note

The order value & weights are approximate, we cut all our weighed products by hand and the weights may vary. All meat prices were correct at the time of printing, but are subject to market prices and may change without notice.

Hot Water Crust Pastry (53%) [Wheat Flour, Pork Fat, Water, Firming Agent: E516, Flour Treatment Agent: E920, Salt], Pork Belly (25%), Savoury Jelly (8%) [Pig Gelatine, Salt Dextrose, Glucose Syrup, Gelling Agent: E407, Flavouring {from Wheat}, Flavour Enhancer; E621], water (4%), Rusk (2%) [Wheat Flour, Salt, Raising Agent: E503(ii)], Wheat Flour (1%), Seasoning (1%), [Salt, Flavourings, Stabilisers: E451(i), E450, Flavour Enhancer:E621, Rusk, Dextrose, Lactose,Spice Extract, Colour:E120], Ground Black Pepper.